Hygge Supply is chic minimalism born of utility, craftsmanship and supreme comfort. Founder of Hygge Supply and designer of its kit homes, Kelly Sean Karcher, often shies away from the term prefab, which he worries tends to conjure up images of a soulless modern box. He prefers the more distinct “kit home” description — like the incredibly prolific catalogue homes by Sears from the early 20th century (more than 70,000 Sears homes were ordered from a catalogue and built between 1908-30). Karcher wants to reinvent this clever order and build approach — essentially, pre-selected materials and finishes that are all shipped to a build site for simple construction and unmatched craftsmanship — while forging new ground with an updated modernist aesthetic and customizable design choices.


After perfecting the process with several models in the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan where he grew up, including this showstopper featured in The New York Times, he has expanded his reach nationwide, offering a refined selection of sustainable materials and a streamlined customization and ordering process. “My goal is to make ordering a home kit online as easy, seamless and affordable as possible,” says Karcher. “but with the customer service and upscale design options of a luxury operation.”


Derived from a Danish word meaning “cozy,” Hygge Supply imparts a sense of calm in every home, even with clean lines, daring floor-to-ceiling windows and a minimalist interior. Every floor plan is conceived with the Hygge ethos as a top priority, and materials and fixtures are selected from a stylish Hygge collection that Karcher put together to invoke high comfort. Models, which range from a tiny 350-square-foot home to a more spacious three-bedroom, can be applied individually or ordered in combinations to create a perfect custom dwelling space based on your needs.