Are Hygge Supply Homes prefab?

No. Hygge Supply Homes are a kit of materials that are determined by your selection of home design. Though pieces of the home kit are modular, the home is built on-site. Each home kit is shipped in installments to your building site.


Can I assemble the home kit myself?

Though home kits are designed to be efficient and simple to construct, the homes require a traditional build, which includes hiring skilled contractor(s) to oversee the process. Many homeowners choose to act as the general contractor with skilled sub-contractors handling the technical details.


Does the kit come with an instruction manual?

Once a contract has been signed, and a deposit has been made, five sets of full stamped engineered architectural plans will be sent to you and your general contractor. The contractor will have general knowledge of commercial construction and we provide general assistance with details specific to our construction process.


Do I need to get a pre-built/modular construction loan?

No. The Hygge Homes require a traditional construction loan.  Though pieces of the home kit are modular, the home is constructed on-site and would fall within the parameters of a traditional construction loan.


If I have a different cabinet or window I’d like to include in the house, outside of the choices I am provided, can I swap those out?

No. Hygge Supply Homes have been meticulously designed and engineered using all of the materials outlined. Substitutions, unfortunately, cannot be accommodated.


What is the ceiling height of the homes?

Interior ceiling height is 9′ 9″.


Can I customize my home design?

There are many options to add upgrades to each home design, however, there is minimal opportunity to move walls, change layout configurations, without creating custom plans. If you are interested in customizing any part of our design, you can contact us.


What is the additional cost of the customization?

Customization costs will be handled directly through one of our approved architects. Additional costs will include architect and engineer fees, as well as any customized materials.


What type of heating system comes with the Hygge Supply Home Kit?

All heating is in floor radiant via hot water tubing.


Can I add an air conditioning system to my home?

Air conditioning is provided via optional mini-split units.


What type of insulation is used in the homes?

The main structure of the homes are foam cored SIP panel, solid foam sandwiched between sheets of heavy gauge steel. Engineered to handle heavy loads, the wall and roof SIP panels are highly energy efficient and require no additional insulation.


The roof is flat – how will that handle snow load?

The roof is flat and sealed with a commercial rubber membrane and engineered to withstand harsh northern winters and heavy snow loads. Similar to a sloped roof, we would recommend removing very heavy snow.


Once I receive my home kit, will I still have access to support from Hygge Supply?

Yes. A Hygge Supply representative will be assigned to your home build to provide additional support from our end and answer questions throughout the entire process.


Can I have a living green roof?

This is an option we are working on for areas without snow load requirements. If you are in an area without snow, a living roof is a great option.


Is it possible to have a roof deck?

Areas without snow load could have a roof deck, this would be something to discuss with your contractor. Your local engineer can assist with designing a roof deck that would compliment our structure.


Can I purchase the plans and source all of the components or materials myself?

No. We offer a full package from engineered plans to our custom cabinets, all materials have been researched to work together and to be assembled per our design.


Could I build off grid?

Yes. The houses are designed to be very energy smart with LED lighting, efficient appliances and heating. With the addition of a grey water filtration system and composting toilet, any model could easily run independently.


Do you offer solar power packages?

Yes we offer solar power packages with battery options for the homes.  We can design a full solar package for your design as working through your plans.


Are shipping and taxes included?

No.  Shipping costs average about 5% of the overall total of your home, and taxes applicable to your build site will be added.