Hygge Supply custom cabinets come as a standard package in all homes and include all storage cabinets, vanities, and kitchen islands. The cabinets themselves are floor-to-ceiling units which have been specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions and specifications of each model. 


Hygge Supply cabinets are also available as stand-alone pieces and purchasable outside of a house package. To view options, take a look at our CABINET CATALOG.


Closet Cabinets:

Hygge Supply closet cabinets come standard in each bedroom, while general storage cabinets are included in the majority of the models for streamlined organization.


Utility Cabinets:

Custom cabinets are also included in all models to house and accommodate the mechanicals and washer/dryer units.



All vanities are custom designed with powder-coated steel frames, cabinet fronts, and functional drawers.  Vanities come as stand-alone furniture pieces which are installed on-site and come either with a single or double sink. Countertop finishes come in the solid surface color options included below.


Kitchen Island:

The kitchen island is also custom designed with a powder-coated steel frame, cabinet fronts, and functional drawers.  The kitchen island houses the kitchen sink, Bosch cooktop, and Fischer-Paykel dish drawer with custom cabinet front.  The island countertops come in either a solid surface or John Boos butcher block finish.  Options below.


Color Choices:

All cabinets throughout the home – including all vanities and the kitchen island – come with a powder-coat paint finish in a single color.  Color choices are included below.