Utility Cabinet:

Holds all required mechanicals with additional space for upgrades, like water filters or softeners, in the broom closet.


Radiant Floor Heating:

All homes come with radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating systems supply heat directly to the floor of the house and provide heat through infrared radiation and convection. It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because it eliminates duct losses. Single zone radiant heating standard in all homes – upgradeable multi-zone option.


Air Conditioning:

Upgrade your system to include air conditioning with mini-split units.


Ventilation System – Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV):

Each home is equipped with a Broan Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)  system in which fans pull fresh air into a home while simultaneously exhausting stale air from the home. Both the fresh air stream and the stale air stream flow through the HRV. The core of the appliance allows some of the heat from the warmer air stream (the stale air in winter, the fresh air in summer) to be transferred to the cooler air stream. In winter, in other words, the appliance “recovers” some of the heat that would have otherwise been exhausted. This heat transfer occurs without any mixing of the two air streams.


Water Heating Systems:

With an energy-efficient design, the tankless or on-demand hot water heater provides an endless supply of hot water. All homes come with a tankless water heater easily stored in the mechanical closet.



All homes come with Ecobee thermostats and room sensors to regulate heating, cooling, and ventilation. Control it all with this digital regulatory system that can be managed either from the unit itself or from your Android or iOS device.



Optional fireplace upgrade with traditional built-in unit or a Malm stand-alone fireplace.  Woodburning or gas options available in both.