The first step of planning and building a Hygge Supply Home is selecting a piece of land that fits your budget and accommodates the home. The most important details in this process from a build perspective: You need to determine the size of the land and research the required setback requirements to ensure your preferred Hygge configuration will fit on the property. You also need to review any development or association regulations to verify the home meets all requirements and restrictions.


Not sure about the budget for your Hygge Home? The easiest way to determine your budget is to get pre-approved for a traditional construction loan. Pre-approval eliminates any doubt surrounding your budget and allows you to streamline the selection process. Construction loans often cover the cost of your land with the first draw and allow for up to twelve months to complete the build.


Next, you’ll need to review all home designs and select a model from our complete collection of standard Hygge designs. Once you select the model or combination of models that works best for your needs, you’ll begin to personalize your Hygge home. We know the details can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve streamlined the process from start to finish, offering simple add-ons and design choices, from color palette to cabinets. Review our features page to see color choices and finishes for your home.  We’ll be there to assist you in this process, by phone, email, or in-person consultations.


Once you have chosen your land and build site, and you have determined the model or combination of models you’d like to use, we can move forward with putting together a Site Plan.  Site Plans include using a land and/or topographical survey from your property and placing your chosen design and floor plans onto the property. A Hygge Supply representative will consult with you on design and placement of chosen units. Site Plans can be developed for a $700 non-refundable fee for standard plans.  Once you are satisfied with the Site Plans and Schematic Design Set, we can work up an initial estimate for your particular project including any optional add-ons (such as fireplaces, bunks, decks, etc.) to give give you a proper snapshot at more detailed pricing.


Bid Set Plans are the next phase in the process to purchasing a Hygge Supply home.  With the Bid Set Plans, we consult with you and develop more detailed “not-for-construction” plans based off of your finalized choices from the Site Plan.  The Bid Set Plans illustrate the full detail of the build for the purposes of collecting bids from General Contractors and Sub-Contractors, and determining the overall construction costs in your market.  Bid Set Plans can be developed for a $7,000 non-refundable fee.  The work on these plans will be applied toward completing the final set of plans if you choose to move forward with a Purchase Contract.


The typical contractor can build a Hygge Supply Home, however, those that have experience with commercial construction are recommended. The home kits utilize many commercial construction techniques and materials with residential style finishes, so finding an appropriate contractor to construct your home should be relatively easy. We are continuing to assemble our list of recommended or preferred contractors in certain areas of the country, so please reach out to us for recommendations. If you have found a contractor or a couple of contractors your are interested in using, then you can move forward with sharing the Bid Set Plans with them.  Our team will consult with up to three General Contractors to assist you in making your final selection.  All contractors and sub-contractors that view the plans and build process will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement due to proprietary build methods and materials.


Securing a construction loan will require submitting a full construction cost estimate as well as general plans. Hygge Supply will provide you with the complete home package cost – confirming all construction costs with your general contractor will finalize the total estimate. We recommend working with a direct lender or local bank who will transition your construction loan to a traditional mortgage once the build is complete.


Once you’ve selected your home design and secured financing, we’ll be ready to draft a Purchase Agreement. We will confirm all of your finish selections so each detail of your home kit package is included in this contract.  Our contracts are detailed and straightforward with everything from the build kit to shipping estimate included.  We generally require that the contract is executed at least 10-12 weeks out from the first delivery of the home kit to the construction site.


At the execution of the contract, we require a deposit towards the home package price to begin assembling your Hygge home kit.


From the time the contract is signed and the deposit paid, it will take about 10-12 weeks to assemble and manufacture your home kit. The schedule of shipping and delivery of your home kit is dependent on the design and will be outlined in your contract. We will ship all items directly to the construction site, and will share a list with you outlining the components on the delivery schedule to ensure your contractor is ready to accept delivery of each component. We will work directly with you and/or your contractor to ensure the package components arrive on a schedule, as needed.


Hygge Supply will provide both you and/or your contractor with full Architectural Plans stamped by an engineer and basic consultation on the assembly of your chosen home package. These plans can be used in the permitting process for your area, which should all be handled through your General Contractor.  Typical build time, depending on your chosen design, usually takes about 8-10 months from start to finish.